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Through many years of experience counseling both private and public companies, beginning from a consulting perspective then moving to a legal perspective, we specialize in Securities Document Preparation (Securities Act of 1933; as Amended; Securities Exchange Act of 1934) and Corporate Governance.  Throughout our consulting careers, we have assisted many companies in their going public process, from private placement offerings, to registered offerings with the SEC, through Regulation A offerings, and then helping those companies their SEC document drafting needs for their Securities and Exchange reporting requirements.

Flat Fee Pricing for Transactions


SEC Document Preparation tries wherever possible, to bill flat fees as opposed to hourly rates. The following are a range of flat fees.  There are many factors involved in pricing flat fees and these are not firm offers.  If a Flat Fee is not appropriate for a project, we will also work on an hourly basis. Email or call 619.228.4970 for a free consultation and for more details.


We believe that there are several advantages with the Flat Fee billing method. First, our client doesn’t have to pay the entire cost of the project up front and can create payment plans in order to help ease the cost of finishing projects. Second, our clients know exactly what its costs will be upfront and can budget accordingly and can rest assured that there will be no surprises associated with an unknown cost of finishing a project. Lastly, we can spend as much time as needed to resolve our client’s issue(s) without concerns about over-billing.

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